Did you know that YOU are the best part of God’s day? It’s True!!!!

Everything he has done and will do is purely out of love and adoration for YOU.

He is the creator, the greatest artist ever known!!! When he painted the stars in the sky he was in essence saying ‘I love you.’ The heavens shout to us how glorious his love is.

His artform has rooted it’s purposes in loving us. Simply put, our hearts true form is to simply love him and each other

I learned that from the simple picture of apples my daughter drew me one day. Her exact words were ‘daddy I drew these apples for you because I love you.’ Her hearts true form produce her artform.

When we write songs Let’s keep this in mind. No longer do we as worship leaders or song writers compose out of originality or creative expression just to be different. In our culture we seem to overvalue art-form, our hearts true form is to love. That’s the thing that will project our artistry.

Think about how he loves you. He gave you his masterpiece. His son Jesus Christ. His everything.

I want to encourage you to think about his love. This is what stirs up love in our hearts for him.

When your love is stirred, post a response in the comment box below please. let every reader scanning through hear of his great love over and over again.

Some writers in the bible say that ‘we are the apple of his eye’ or ‘he even knows all the hairs on our head’ it doesn’t take much to understand that God is incredibly fond of us.

So so what do you say?

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Comment by Lorraine Doswell on September 3, 2015 at 9:08am

Amen to His love and His love is unconditional.  It's sad to think that I was brought up in the fear of God, yet He had other plans for me and showed me His love. Where would I be today if I did not know His love?  I dread to think.

Praise Him.

Comment by Eric Perales on September 3, 2015 at 7:33pm
Right on Lorraine! I could say the same, thank God that run away from his love. :)
God bless you always sis!


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