basic songidea "hear the words of you child" #comment

hey there...
just uploaded our youngest songidea "hear the words of your child"
it would be great to get feedback and comments.



it is hard for me to tell
what i feel down here, i am
weak and tired wretched and bleeding
on my knees, semms like i`m damned
i`m a victim, i am lost
i`m a loser, i`ve no friend
here i am now, hear me cryin`
is there an angel you would send

it took time to understand
how you got me to that place
searched for truth and life and love
but all i found was empty space
it was a friend who helped me walk
it was a friend who helped me stand
wrapped in light now here i am
just a promise in my hand

lord hear the words of your child cryin`
hear my prayers, hear my screaming. all my hope i set in you
lord lead me back into your arms
my desire is to worship, lord my passion is to praise.

eternally i`ll give you praise
as i live on earth in faith
in heaven we`ll stand face to face

earthly pain is finally gone
your glory feels like home
that`s the place where i belong

written&composed by riedl/dennhöfer (studiosüd,cologne, germany)

be blessed and please give feedback

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Comment by Daniel John Riedl on May 15, 2009 at 7:32am
you can hear the song here on my worshiptherock profile or on myspace
Comment by Ruth Njuguna on May 21, 2009 at 3:25pm
Hello, thanks for becoming my friend. u are trully blessed beyond measure, no weapon formed against u shall prosper. Be in good health. Shalom!


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