Some of you may know that I have been in a 2 yr dry spell from writing any songs. I haven't written anything since before my brain popped and I needed surgery to stop the bleeding.
I have had many people tell me that I would write many songs from this experience etc... and nothing has come out of me at all. I even lost my voice for a period of time, due to nodules on my vocal chords from the surgery. So that's where I've been.
Recently I have recieved prayer from a couple of different groups I am involved in and still nothing happened and these were powerful times of prayer!
This past Sunday, a guest pastor gave a mini sermon at a service we call Refresh. He spoke of a passage in Genesis 15 where the Lord tells Abram to bring 5 different animal and after he does he cuts them in half and lays them out before the Lord and the birds of prey come swooping in to attack the sacrifice.
This man asked us if any of us had recieved a promise from God that had yet to be fulfilled and some of us raised our hands. He suggested that we were not patient enough with God that we let things like disappointment, despair, fear replace the hope that God has promised us and that those things were like the birds of prey. they have come swooping in to feast on the carcass of our hope, promises and dreams that God has given us. It's our job to stand firm and chase those dark birds away. We need to pick up a big stick and shake it at those creatures that threaten to steal away what God has promised!
I cannot begin to tell you how this spoke to me. I knew that it was a word for me. I am so guilty of letting all kinds of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions take over. So I am going to shake my fists and shout Hallelujah at these dumb birds and get on with the waiting on God to finish what He started in me. I will trust that the dream He has planted in my heart will take root and grow and good fruit will come of the gifts He has given me.
ps I have started working on a song ! It's titled Birds Of Prey for now. Praise God!

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Comment by Junjie on July 8, 2009 at 12:01am
Hanging on to the promises... not easy! Praying for you!
Comment by Andrea Neustaeter on July 8, 2009 at 8:10pm
Wow - that takes my breath away. I would like to join those praying for you. May God be honored with your new song and bless you through every step of the way. BTW, I may have blundered on an earlier post thinking that your name was a chosen handle - I was thinking in terms of busy and bends on a guitar and thought it sounded cool. And it occurred to me that I might have offended if this is your given name. My apologies for no doubt sticking my foot in my mouth!!
Comment by Bizzy Bender on July 9, 2009 at 12:14am
Bizzy is a nickname for Elizabeth that my father came up with when I was about 6 months old. I have been called Bizzy ever since. I married into the Bender part and when I thought about the possibility of becoming bizzy Bender, I started trying to call myself Elizabeth but I couldn't do it so I became Bizzy Bender about 19 yrs ago and I think it suites me.
Thanks for your prayers
I know that I will be able to chase away these dang birds and get back to writing!
Comment by Diana Jurss on July 10, 2009 at 11:40pm
I'll be thinking of you and praying for you too. I know it can be a real drag to have creative
energy bottled up inside that can't seem to come out. Sometimes it works for me to try
a different avenue, like instead of songwriting I'll draw or drum or build something. Or sometimes
I just make up instrumental music and don't try to sing or write lyrics.
Keep us posted on the Birds of Prey .
Comment by Elman Authement on July 12, 2009 at 3:56am
You still have the gift girl! Maybe we need you get you cranked up again by doing some collaborating. Contact me if you think this might help.
Comment by Ernst van Niekerk on June 21, 2017 at 9:34pm

Hello Bizzy.

Passing by, and was led to read your testimony.

The dry and testing times, are all preparation for a deeper work the Lord is doing in your life.

For HE sees the desires of your heart.

Those very desires HE Himself, put there, deep within.

Through every trail, every valley, HE remains faithful.  Be encouraged, for in due time,

the God of the " suddenlies" will come forth, fill you , strengthen you, equip you.

For the gift is the Lords, given to a willing heart. And that willingness will be the strength that will carry you.

Father is nor slack, concerning His promises.

Be strong, Be courageous , for the Lord your God is with you.


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