Can you BELIEVE that happened in a CHURCH SERVICE??

Hey Everyone,

Every week thousands of us lead worship or attend worship services somewhere in this world. Our worship services are diverse – from the liturgies, the music, and the presentation of God’s Word. What happened in YOUR CHURCH SERVICE?

One of the best ways to be inspired and get creative ideas for your worship services (in addition to praying, of course!) is to get a glimpse of what others are doing in their worship services.

I’d like to invite you to checkout "Sunday Setlists" each week over at FredMcKinnon.Com. This is a blog carnival that hosts hundreds of setlists and worship recaps each week.

It’s lacking because YOUR setlist isn’t there – so come and share! Each week, we post our "Setlists" and worship confessionals/worship recaps and share links. It’s an incredible way to see what others are doing.

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Comment by Irvin Amoraal on June 3, 2009 at 12:39pm
Attracted by the title i came here to share what actually happened at a recent service. I'll share an upcoming set list shortly.
My Church is quit free. Children are allowed to roam the sanctuary essentially unrestrained. The only area they can't roam about is the stage. Well, our Pastors wife Isabel was preaching and this two-and-a-half-year-old girl sits down on the stage front beside Isabel, picks up a wireless mic and begins to preach to the congregation as Isabel preached. Now the mic was off, and her voice quite - she probably spoke Spanish - so we didn't hear what she was saying, but she looked through the congregation and her arms quite expressive. at one point she got up and went deep into the congregation and "prophesied" over an individual. What is the expression? "Out of the mouth of babes"! it was quite something to watch.

Irvin. <>/body>


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