Chuck Smith & Harold Camping Examples of Bibliolatry

I remember Chuck Smith bragging about Calvary Chapel sending a quarter million dollars to the Israeli defense fund. Why? Because he lifted his literal understanding of scripture over both common sense and a a balanced hermeneutic. Later his obsession with biblical literalism led him to predict the Second Coming which only proved him a false prophet.

Harold Camping, the Bible answer man, yeah right, led his over worked mind to a precise even mathematical equation for judgment day, again proved wrong. Are Smith and Camping's predictions innocent?  No, but deadly, they lead the unbelieving into joke after joke over something so serious as Judgment Day and they make the believing look like a bunch scopes trial monkeys.


My appeal is simple, embrace the word in the innocence of a child and resist the temptation to be a biblical authority or answer man. Let God be God, let mystery stand, humble yourself and He will lift you up in His good time!


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Comment by Diane Luna on June 28, 2011 at 9:28pm
When did Chuck Smith predict the second coming?
Comment by Bosque on June 28, 2011 at 10:10pm

He used the date Israel was re-established as a state, 1948 and said that the generation that saw that event would not pass away before the Lord returned. !981 in his thinking would mark the beginning of a seven year tribulation with Jesus' return in 1988. A biblical generation was 40 years.



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