At our Church the Pastor is doing a different Theme each month. Last month was Modern Hymn. First Sunday was inspired by TobyMac’s “City on our Knees” Wow what a powerful message the next was Kutless’s “What faith can do” then Sanctus Real’s “Forgiven” and last Mark Schultz’s “Broken and Beautiful”.

What a powerful month that was and I saw people really being spoken to and being blessed by the service. In our church we have just brought on a new associate pastor for young adult and young families. We have seen a drastic loss in churches of that demographic so as you can see a series themed around Modern music (I don’t like the term contemporary music and that is just me) would help in this endeavor. And I can tell you it was a powerful month.

And this month not leaving out those who like a different kind of music he is doing the Theme. “Our Mission Is Fishin’” [1] and we are having different styles of music each week. Week 1 will be Sacred Harp[2] Week 2 Bluegrass[3] Week 3 Gospel Week 4 Contemporary.[4] So you see Music that serves a certain group teamed up with a themed that appeals to a different group I believe can be a powerful combination.

We being Methodist Have a Holy calendar we go by so we only do Themes in the summer months. But it could be done anytime. And it is a great opportunity for the Congregation to invite friends and neighbors to Church who have not been before. My heart is in evangelism and really try putting words into motion not just singing and preaching about it. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that works alone will get you in God’s good graces but neither will Going to Church alone get you there either. I Believe that Both go hand in hand.

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