Have been struggling for quite a while with our BOSS GT6. I was then playing a 50th anniversary edition Strat and a LINE6 amp through my BOSS. I was using it for two years or so when it started to make some annoying problems...I mean, very annoying. Imagine yourself in the middle of a gig- burried in the emotion with the song..suddenly my patch parameters change by itself. Basically changes and ruins the moment. Right in the middle of a riff ( a heavy riff) with gain to near feedback and then the sound dops immidiately down to.....a just a little bit of CRUNCH. For a while I thought it could be due to an almost dead back-up battery so I tried changing it...didn't solved the problem. Desperate enough, I went to a local music store and asked if they can fix it. Apparently, they don't have the expertise and the answer to my problem, and by the way...they are selling BOSS line of equipments. Isn't that weird-selling products and don't have post- purchase customer support? Anyway, I was forced to consider buying another set of guitar EFX-hoping that I'd be able get back on track. Finally,Long story-short...we got the SKB PS55 and a couple of stomps> a BUD-Wah peadl> Ibanez TS> L6 echo park > Dunlop VIBE> Boss TU2 and a FS volume pedal. Seemed pretty good playing with some basic EFX but then I still needed the ease of having the desired effect with just a simple tweak-like the GT6. I revisited the past and once again build hope-to use my GT6 again.It's been like 5 years now. I began digging for solution in the net, and guess what? a dozen or so have problems with their GT6 like mine, no one was able to fix them technically. Some said a new chip would fix it (just a guess) some said buy a new one!! or a couple of factory reset might work. I came across a forum and someone said he had same problem with everyone else and all he did to fix it is,tah duh!CLEAN IT! That's ridiculous, I responded-but who knows, I thought. So I unscrewed basically everything, disconnected every connectors. I've always been fascinated with circuits and boards,yet, I don't have a formal training nor a degree with it. I started cleaning the board surface with a paint brush and discovered how thick dust can be in ten years. No joke, it was the first time ever as far as I can remember. After a few more brushing and un-flaking the rust build up between circuit poles, I assembled back the whole thing. I turned it on-with doubt yet anticipating...and my GT6 is back to normal! It's now working great just like brand new!! Who would have thought that a simple brush and of course a dose of patience, can bring the whole thing back on track? I used it last Sunday's worship and never had the problem, never again. Thanks to a simple tip! I bet you'd agree that CLEANLINESS is PLAYLINESS is GODLINESS!

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Comment by Toni on June 4, 2012 at 10:17am

Congrats on the fix. Sounds like you either had bad/shorting contacts or possibly overheating (rust doesn't sound normal - damp storage?). It can happen with amps too, particularly if they have an effects loop that never gets used, and the shorting jack sockets get a film on the contacts.  Some of the older effects units are good (not that the GT6 is very old) although some were also really bad. I still use my Korg processor that I bought in '93.

Comment by Roel Tonzo on June 5, 2012 at 1:40am

Hey Toni, yeah..rust would be abnormal especially in circuit boards- for the lack of a better word to call it..RUST came in!!!hahhaha! Damping due to sudden change of temp because we do a  lot of our rehearsal in an air conditioned room and then put the thing in the vehicle ready for set up the day after in church-I don't think it make sense to you....hahahha. We used to be a SET-UP & TEARDOWN church couple of years ago..thanks!!GBU

Comment by Stevo on June 5, 2012 at 1:28pm

It's surprising that such a little thing cured it, but it's good news.

And no, it's not surprising that a store wouldn't support a ten year old GT6. It's kind of like buying a stereo at WalMart. They don't fix things like that anymore unless it's under warranty and can be sent back to the manufacturer. They can't justify the cost of keeping technicians trained up on 6 thousand small pedals and boards that change constantly. And besides, there's usually no easy fix - the cost to repair is usually higher than the cost to replace. In your case, the hour you spent was well worth your time!

You should join one of the groups - there's one for Guitar Effects and one for Electric Guitar among others you might like. We love to talk gear. You'll see them above the forum discussions.

Comment by Roel Tonzo on June 7, 2012 at 2:44am

I did forget to mention that the GT6 problem came 4 years after it was purchased....and well, unlike most of the countries where replacement is a huge part of the deal in buying things, chances are, I may have to take the hustle with sending the GT6 back to the manufacturer which apparently in the other side of the globe..hahahahah.even if it's under warranty. BTW, thanks for dropping by.. I would love to join the the EFX group!


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