Coffee nowadays had evolved in many varieties’ such as latte, cappuccino, french vanilla, caramel, mint, and white mocha (personal favorite). Surprisingly, it also turned-out as one of the most enjoyed drink of the Filipinos today, from Class A to Class D, whether it is instant or gourmet, coffee should definitely be on the menu.

Just a thought, no matter how special that coffee is, each flavorful blend have its own distinct aroma, just like us, no matter how we clothe ourselves, try to change ourselves, or even try pretending to be someone else, still our distinct character evolves. Just like coffee, it is our old self that made us different among others.

Likewise, our personalities shaped up our goal in life; it’s only a matter of how you wanted it to be, it can be as sweet as white mocha or as bitter as black coffee, because just like the imperfect taste of the coffee, our imperfections justifies our future. But we should keep in mind that artificial sweeteners like material things and other earthly possessions might destroy our future when we go beyond as what its recipe directs us. Furthermore, its natural flavor should stand out among other additives.

Lastly, as the end-user, our main objective here is to check if the coffee is pleasing to our senses; it is our sole responsibility not just to please ourselves but more importantly for those people who will be drinking it. On a biblical perspective, there is no other way but to please God on everything we do and everything we say. God should be pleased when he smells our distinct aroma and should be more pleased when he tastes our clean heart.

God Bless!

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