But He gives more grace. . .James 4:6(a)

God moves in chaos. Don't ever think He doesn't. Life will bring chaos to all of us, regardless of how saved you are, or how hard you pray. Today's devotional is for those who see so much in your spirit, but have not yet seen the physical manifestation. I know what it is to see something so plainly in your spirit, but for reasons of His own God has you waiting. It can be overwhelming.

I believe one of the reasons God places us in chaotic situations is for us to make a positive difference in that place. Sometimes it is to keep our attention on Him, and the things that are truly important in light of eternity, as opposed to things that really don't matter. When you think about it God really doesn't develop us in comfort, but in chaos. If you can get your mind off the chaos you'll get creative. Ideas will start coming. The Holy Spirit will show you some things - some new direction. Before you run from the chaos, stand still and think a minute. If you play it right the chaos will run from you because you're so busy exploring new ideas, new avenues, and new solutions that you no longer have time to focus on the discomfort of the chaos. Here is my point: Learn to praise God in the chaos and get in position because God is birthing something in you. Good leaders are not formed in comfort, but in chaos. Remember, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, all the good things God has in store (1 Corinthians 2:9-10).

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