We are from Kerala the southern state of India. Basically very good in Literacy. But failed to keep social peace and stability. Attack against children and women are dangerously aroused as the years go. Gang rape is common in the society. Police officers, Political leaders and other dignitaries are the culprits now. Last year 3000 women and children are missed from the society. Many become orphans due to many kinds of imbalanced life style. Abused wifes and children really common to society. now.

We need to save our society at any cost. We started an orphanage of 12 children. Now we have to start a Peace Center for abandoned and abused women and children.

FILM MAFIA is one of the reasons for this problem. many young girls are invited for film. finally they come to know that, they were not real film people. at last blue film shooting and gang rape would happen. I could save many girls from this agony. Our society thinks the virginity is holiness, if they loose it by mistake or foolishness, finally as family or the girl alone will come to suicide.

Another area that fake love promise. Especially girls from poor families are the prey for this trick. Men promises falls love and then they use them for the lust, finally reaching into friends ended up in sex market as captive. Mobile phone is one of the notorious tool for this. Through missed call and secret snaps are used to trap these innocents.

Unemployment is another reason. young girls and women are ended up in trap of fake placement agents who are not registered. They are taken to another states where there is unknown languages. Finally relationships among new unsatisfactory situations are easy to receive falls promises. Government took steps and arrested many, because of the political influences and money they come out easily. Now this is common.

Alcoholism and drugs lead families in trouble. family will be ended up in debts. Here Loan sharks come in picture. These people even make the women in the house as concubines until the husband or father clear the debts. I had to intervene in these issues and save many ladies from the hands of Loan sharks

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