People can have the best talent and most perfect voice but if the anointing isnt there its just a another song... We sometimes sing simple songs and there again is that "Awesomeness" that makes it. As child of God we know that it is the anointing that rest upon the artist, words and song...But many times I wonder what David saw when he worshipped God and what God saw when He heard David's song.

Did he have a great voice?
Did he sing like Josh Groban?
Did David play the harp in a way that impressed the people AND GOD or did he tap into the Spirit every time?
Did he have the frustrations we have?

Davids heart was to bring the Ark back... to see it restored. He understood God's heart. Do we?

We have a responsability to develop our talents and our voices. But lets not forget that a heart connected with God, a heart that spends time with God can touch the heart of the weak and weary...but how do we connect? ....Do we pray before the service? Does the team realise the importance of spending time with God? Do they really make time and put in the effort?

We as team leaders and worshippers need to create the opportunity for the team to press focus as a group...

This is my challenge to you......

Allow your team and yourself to SOAK as a team in the presence of God. That makes the difference in each and every song... A heart that is heart influenced and energised by God.

So this is what I want to know: How much time do we dedicate to the practise of new songs vs soaking as a team?

Think about this and tell me... Lets talk about this....If you feel God working this in you, join the group "Soaking Sessions-once a month" and lets experience and share God!

Testimony: We started soaking as a group and let me tell you, God visits us in an awesome way. It has influenced our services to such an extent that the people dont want to go home. Our Sunday services is now more than ever focused on God and people run to the altar (during worhip) to accept Jesus just because its a manifestation of Gods Word.

Lest lift up Jesus!



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Comment by Luke Martin on July 24, 2009 at 11:12pm
In youth group, I usually lead worship by myself (with just an acoustic guitar). I find it very important to spend some time every day with God. I have had prophesies over me that have said that I must worship every day because I will carry an amazing annointing. I think that the 'X' factor comes from a strong relationship with God, if you don't have a strong relationship with the Lord, you just shouldn't lead worship.
Comment by Ellen Parks on July 25, 2009 at 2:40am
I am the drummer for OUTLAWS FOR GLORY,, We practice 3 and 4 nights a week, and I have noticed that we sometimes have a lot of stressed silence, When we play for other our relationship with God shows, ppl think we are very talented and have been sponsoring us and its getting bigger, Our cd comes out next month, How can we stay united and not have a this stress in the background. I pray as hard as I can for us all to have a strong personal relationship with God. But i still feel stress at times! So plz pray for my band and all mine! thanks
Comment by Pastor George D. Van Wyk on July 27, 2009 at 11:36am

We need one goal. Ons Focus. One vision.

As soon as the focus shifts from God people will be stubborn and personalities will "clash". Make time to spend time with God. Not just in person but as a group. Minister to one another. Make an effort to compliment the another person. Remember: Power flows where focus goes....

A group must have a leader or someone with vision. If you believe that the band is ordained by God then its not your group but God's. You are only a canal or vessel and God bring substance. Allow the team to see your heart and be humble. Make time to lift God up and see what God will do.

With love.

082 331 3068 (RSA)


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