Worship is all about glorifying God, its starts from the heart and it’s expressed through a lot of ways our lives, singing, praying, dancing, a lifestyle and many other ways of expressing it to God. The idea of worship is that one prostrates himself before a superior being with a sense of respect, fear and awe.

A lot of times we come before God and we have a certain way we want him to show up and do certain things in our lives and he usually does the opposite, which always leaves us standing in awe of who he is, “this can only be done by God”.

There are so many distractions to our worship and here are just a few of them;

  1. We aren’t meant to enjoy worship we are meant to enjoy the presence of God. We now Worship, Worship itself we get so lost in the fellowship with other saints, the music, the ambiance and everything else and we loose sight that we are meant to worship God and not the things around us.

  1. We come before the Lord, we sing, lift our hands and bow before the Lord but in the midst of it we are so focused on what other people are thinking of our worship. Am I raising my hands too high, I’m I saw dressed appropriately, do they think I am a cry baby. We are so focused on ourselves and our minds instead of worshipping are           thinking what is that person thinking of me?

  1. If I don’t feel moved by the song then I can’t worship, one person wrote this “there are some Christians who only consider it to be worship when they are emotionally moved by a song that they get a gooey feeling”, chicken skin or a chill down their spine.

  1. Whether you are in the choir, band or you are the worship leader, you would also get distracted a lot by thinking am I sounding nice, is my pitch and sound coming out nice, we become so concerned with the way we show up and show forth than the God we are meant to worship.


  1. Today men are more busier than ever, with jobs, life, business, ministry and schedules. People are working more and more time, energy and resources and giving it all their lives to jobs and their busy schedules that they give the Lord the leftovers of their lives. Some feel like Sunday is their day of rest than it being a day of worship. We are too tired because of everything to give God his rightful place in our lives and present Him with the “Glory due His Name”.

Which one is your distraction? It may not be listed in this article but take time to think about and work on those distractions in your life. That’s causing you to be distracted, single that thing or things so that you may cut it off.

Worship in the Beauty Of His Holiness

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Comment by Wuraola Adedoyin on March 31, 2012 at 9:52pm

God bless you sir, this is so true, i can totally relate with this. Sometimes we mistake an emotional worship for a spiritual one. God help us!

Nice article, I was blessed.

Comment by Lorraine Doswell on April 1, 2012 at 3:15pm

Thank you Kevin. I have read your post with great interest.

One thing that really jumped at me was 'We aren’t meant to enjoy worship we are meant to enjoy the presence of God'.

If that is so, then I am guilty as charged.  I don't see why you are not meant to enjoy worship. I don't see this as a distraction, and can't possibly see how you can worship God without enjoying it.  Speaking for myself, if I weren't genuingly worshipping, then that would be the time I wouldn't be enjoying it.  There are times when I feel I could burst with happiness when I am worshipping, and this is not put on, because it is normally at the times when I am alone with the Lord. Can you honestly tell me that there is anything wrong with enjoying worship?




Comment by Kelvin Mutize on April 2, 2012 at 11:17am

We bless God through and through, to Him be the glory

@ Lorraine thats a candid expression for me the heart is that we get so attached to the singing and enjoy the music and we forget to connect with the God. we bask in the glory of worship  and not in the glory ofGod 

We are saying the same things but with different ways 

Comment by Lorraine Doswell on April 2, 2012 at 2:09pm

I totally agree with what you are saying.  It is all too easy to become engrossed in how we sound and forget about why we are doing it, I have to keep myself in check on that one at times. I guess what I am trying to say is, it's the times when I am giving my all to the Lord without even being aware of any of these distractions, that I find myself filled with joy.


Sorry for repeating, as I have said this before on the site, but when I first started doing worship, I prayed that the Lord would always remind me why I was doing it, and that I should always give all glory to Him, and you know what, He always has reminded me.

Praise God.

Comment by Stevo on April 3, 2012 at 3:04am

Well, sometimes, the activity itself is the act of service/worship. There's no requirement that we always be "thinking of God" when we do that thing that we vowed to do for Him. One has to focus on that act at some point. For instance, when we're leading music worship services, we're often unable to do much more than think about all the many things we have to keep in sync like the chord we're playing and how we're going to move to the next one while singing in key and with the right volume etc. That's all our brain can handle at the time. It's what you do before and after that defines it.

Kevin - I get what you're saying in general. Heart Worship vs. Art Worship - our acts of worship are about God and not about looking at our result and saying - "what a nice song I've created" or "what a nice church building we've constructed." This is why God had His people make altars by hand with uncut stones, lest they attribute something of their work to it.  But it doesn't preclude enjoying it or even being caught up in the moment of it.

Comment by Lorraine Doswell on April 3, 2012 at 1:12pm

When leading worship we are providing a service and may not always feel in 'worship mode' but do it anyway, because of our commitment and obedience to God.  We have a responsibility of helping the congregation open their hearts to God, and we sacrifice our own worship as, like Stevo has suggested, there is so many other things to think about - this is perfectly natural and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it or see it a distraction. This is why I think it is so important to find the time to worship God without the responsibility of a congregation being present.  By this, I don’t mean a music practice, but a time to just let go and allow God be God, and give ourselves, with our less than perfect voices and duff guitar chords, entirely to Him.

Comment by Greg Moore on April 7, 2012 at 6:16am

Are "emotional" and "spiritual" two different things?  In Psalm 51, David implores God to 'renew a right spirit' within him; and that living with a right spirit brings joy, peace, agony, sadness, and a whole gamut of emotions.  Living with a wrong spirit is associated with jadedness, dullness, ears that don't hear and eyes that don't see -- a world where neither spirit nor emotions can come out and play.  

The Campus Crusade, which went around, and maybe still does, with those little booklets condensing Gospel principles, had a picture of an old-fashioned steam train, with engine, coal car, and caboose - "Fact, Faith, and Feeling"  The Fact of life in Christ is the engine, Faith is like fuel which fires the system (and may need to be replenished); and Feeling is just along for the ride.  No train is ever driven by its caboose.

I suppose now that trains no longer have cabooses, for the illustration we must substitute a container car with "Hanjin" on its side.

Comment by Kelvin Mutize on April 8, 2012 at 5:31pm
I believe it's goes beyond just the present or what we are seeing it becomes about us and what we are meant to do by God. All of you have different meaning and experiences with God and I trully believe that is what Has made you to be where you are today.

Someone once said the condition of a church reveals the heart of a pastor and I trully believe that the atmosphere and character of worship in a church reveals the heart of the worship leader.the quality of worship on Sunday reveals the quality of worship that poeple had during the week.

My Hartley us come to a place where we bring ourselves to the foot of the cross and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us places where we have grown distracted from recieving and bieng in his presence

All of us are in different levels and places if worship. I Pray that the Holy Spirit may lead us into His truth and that we may not loose shut of what Gpd has graced us to do always for him
Comment by Wilhelm Olivier on April 23, 2012 at 7:44am

An interesting discussion, I have oft times stood in the congregation and said these words to God.  "Father, this worship, the music, the new song etc is so awesome, I'm loving it, is it wrong for me to enjoy the worship that is being poured out to You.?"

Comment by Kelvin Mutize on April 23, 2012 at 1:18pm

hhhmmmnnnnn what a way to put it, but i think we should fall in love with the one being lifted up because after the song it finish my sight should be not to the song but to the 'God who is being worshipped

i tend to do that especially when we do worship with the Just Worship Team that i tend to stop worshiping and just look at the drummer as he does his crazy stuff on the drums and i loose my focus on God....


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