Doing the reseach to show my self approved

Man change the blessed(Holy) day of God from the seventh day to the first day even if a person was to take the dictionary and look up Saturday it would say the seventh day and then if you would look up the Sunday it would say the first day and that is why many have no understanding because they refuse to do the true research just as when Christianity came into view many were forced to be converts or murdered if they were not God does not say murder He says you shall not murder but yet they did.There are so many truths to be known and many shall not know for they seek not for the true understanding of all things pertaining to God. My time is up now but many others have the opportunity to learn the truth first by being reconciled to God and receiving the true knowledge. The instructions(Ordinance) is so simple to do but many pharisees find it very difficult of a task for they think they know all but yet have not the true knowledge of God but of man. Man's wisdom is a snare to the soul but the true knowledge of God is a crown to the head the Ordinance is the first step of true faith:
Name your sins to God in the privacy of your prayer closet then be baptized baptism without penance is just baptism water and has no true salvation test and prove the truth

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