Hello welcome to the good news Jesus only will ask his children to spread the good news of God's word to the world for his Glory.I have been on fire for God for along time.The more i see the more the world is pushing God out. I thank God that in our dollar bill it still says in God we trust.Thats why God had put on my heart to go a step farther and bring Glory to God as he so deserves. The world is so lost and hurting they need to know he loves them .No matter how bad they think they are God is a loving God.


Please lets take a stand as a huge unity before God HELP  keep pressing in and pushing forward.In my new line of clothing called God's Glory Wear. We will be giving God all the power all the Glory and all the honor.

i had this idea from God. He had told me i needed to show his glory.If you break it down i will ask you to write this down so you can see it for yourself and know that there is no way i could have done this without him.


go out deciple says God loves our releationship youth watch everyon at revalation...

It spells out God's Glory Wear ....

I look forward to sharing more of God with you and hearing your stories as well. I  pray that you will be Blessed. God Bless you ..

Susan Harms



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