Read 1 Kings 19:1 through 20:43

Bill and Mona met when they were in an alcohol treatment center. While there, they received Jesus as their Savior. They fell in love, married, and began repairing years of damaged relationships. Mona eventually became a counselor, and Bill became a pastor. Then God burdened their hearts to go and share Jesus with the people of Poland. As they prepared to leave they looked forward to sharing the renewal and hope they had received from Jesus, but they were apprehensive about leaving family and all that was familiar.

In obedience to God’s call, Elisha said good-bye to his family and friends. He offered his source of income as a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the Lord. This act also signified that Elisha was leaving his past behind and dedicating his future to serving God (1 Kings 19:21).

Once saved, our Father expects us to leave behind whatever will keep us from obeying Him. God calls each of us to go forward in the power of His Spirit, with the gifts He gives us, to tell people everywhere the good news about Christ—whether at home or around the world.

Thought for Today: With whom is God calling you to share the good news today?

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