We have a young family in our congregation with a couple of toddlers. Mom is away visiting family, so Dad brought the kids to church by himself. We've got a small sanctuary, so they generally are allowed to wander about without issue. As the service was about to start, they noticed one of the ladies who dotes on them up in the choir, so they came rumbling up. She gave them each a quick hug, but then said, in a voice loud enough to get their dad's attention (and that of everyone else in the room,) "OK, it's time to go to Daddy."

Time to go to Daddy. Isn't that what worship is all about? I picked up on that line as I welcomed the congregation. It was time for all of us to enter into the throne room of God Almighty, but enter with the knowledge that we were also going to see our adoptive father, going to see our Abba, Father, our Daddy.

May we all continue to worship with child-like wonder, as we go in to see our Father.

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Comment by Worship The Rock on April 26, 2010 at 11:05am
Good thoughts Dan - thanks for sharing this!


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