Good Thoughts: Bob Kauflin’s 20 year rule

How do we judge the success of our church's worship ministry? Maybe we judge it by our worship leader who maintains a presently manicured faux-hawk (yes I am aware of the irony) and waxes eloquently about having an all consuming passion for Jesus. Maybe we judge it by our worship band who always plays the hottest new songs "just like the CD's." Maybe we judge it by the genre of music our church triumphs. Maybe as worship leaders we judge success by the number of people who come up to us after the service to tell us how great the worship was...

In our current age of the church we have cultural implications to deal with that are by and large new to the church. Throughout church history church music has directly influenced popular music. That's not really the case anymore. Now popular music directly influences church music. This is not bad... Music is music... In fact I use pop music (style) every Sunday. However, when we adopt pop music for our ministries we need to be cautious that we don't also adopt pop music's standards of success. I.e. Money, fame (a real pit fall for many worship leaders), personal taste, etc. As people who are concerned with the ministry of the church we need to make sure that we are judging our success by biblical standards not those of pop culture.

Bob Kauflin offers a good biblical measure of success in His book Worship Matters.

“A good measure of how we’re doing…is what I call the Twenty Year Rule.


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