Good Thoughts: I Kissed Bad Orthodoxy Good Bye

Hey remember that crazy guy who told all of us to stop dating and start courting? Still wondering what the difference is? Ya me to… Anyway, he is still around and still writing… And despite my counfussion about whether I dated or courted my wife I enjoy reading Joshua Harris’ work because I think he has a lot of good things to say. Here is a good thought on the balance of genuine orthodoxy and genuine love for others from one of his recent books, Dug Down Deep.

“Genuine orthodoxy–the heart of which is the death of God’s son for undeserving sinners–is the most humbling, human-pride smashing message in the world. And if we truly know the gospel of grace it will create in us a heart of humility and grace toward others. Francis Schaeffer, a Christian writer and thinker from the 20th century, modeled this kind of profound compassion. He genuinely loved people. And even as he analyzed and critiqued the culture he did so “with a tear in his eye.”

That is humble orthodoxy. It’s standing for truth with a tear in your eye. Telling your friend living in sexual sin that you love them even as you tell them their sexual preference is disobedient to God. It’s remembering that angry, unkind, opponents of the gospel are human beings created in the image of God who need the same mercy God has shown you.

“Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem that he knew would condemn and crucify him (Matt. 23:37-39). If we’re to follow Jesus, we need to expect the same suffering and hatred and ask for the same heart of compassion that he had.

When we’re arrogant and self-righteous in the way we represent orthodoxy, we’re actually contradicting with our lives what we claim to believe. Like the story of the unforgiving servant that Jesus told, when we receive God’s gracious pardon personally, but then turn and treat others vengefully, we violate the very truth we should embody (Matt. 18: 21-35). Our life tells a lie about the God we claim to serve.”

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