Good Thoughts: "What you do each Sunday is important, but it’s not most important."

The contemporary worship phenomena that has been rising up over the past 30 years has had a radical impact on the American church. In many churches the music/singing time has become the predominate focus with the worship team being the dominate presence on stage. If you doubt this, think about the terms we most commonly use to describe our churches. Traditional, contemporary, postmodern/genx, and nextgen are all in reference to musical styles. Now obviously worship in the form of music and singing should play a huge role on Sunday mornings but should it play the most important role?

Jeff Purswell of Sovereign Grace Ministries sets out to answer this question in his blog post, Preaching vs. Worship? Be sure to check it out when you get a chance.

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Comment by Carri on December 28, 2009 at 9:21pm
Amen brother! No one needs to convince me of these points as I share this same conviction about The preaching of God's Word to be the most sacred moment in the church service. Yes, today we've made the worship leaders the "Rock Stars" of the Church. What a shame. All the more we worship leaders need to point people away from us and to God by choosing wise, doctrinally rich songs that WILL bring them back into focus on the ONE being sung about in those songs. And that is also why we need to have songs that center on the truth of the scriptures because we will hear what God wants to say to us in our worship instead of songs all about us and our feelings. If God has put such an importance on His Word/teaching/preaching, then so should we in choosing songs that actually teach us while we worship. I'm glad you've posted this article from SGM because they have some very good things to say. I use alot of their songs they put out because they are cross, grace and God centered.


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