In 2 Kings 22, the godly King Josiah was presented with a book found in the temple in Jerusalem. Apparently, it and its contents had been forgotten by the people for some time. It turned out to be the Book of the Law. When it was read to Josiah and he realized that it contained the Lord’s commands—commands that had been broken by the people for so long—he “tore his robes” in grief (2 Kings 22:11).

Josiah knew that God’s anger burned against His people for breaking His Law. Josiah sought the counsel of godly men, who requested the prophetess Huldah provide a word from the Lord on this matter. She confirmed that God was planning to punish Israel. But God recognized King Josiah was a righteous man and would not bring about judgment until after his death.

Sin should cause us to grieve as it did Josiah. God will still punish sin, but He has also provided us a Savior, His Son, to deliver us from our sins. When we confess and repent of our sins, He forgives us. And our grief turns into joy as we are delivered from the punishment of our sin. May we hide His Word in our hearts that we may not sin against Him.

Prayer Suggestion: Thank You, Lord, for giving Your Son, Jesus, as an offering for my sin.

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