Grieving Growing And Rejoicing Through Music

Life is cyclical and the pattern is often random but grieving, growing and rejoicing can all be clearly expressed in musical form.

Music For Living

From the perspective of the artist music was always an extension of personality and experience. Attaching emotional significance to an historical event, regardless of where it fit in the cycle of life, was one way to help future generations remember.

Some of these classical music expressions never lose their social significance. In other words the ideas and emotions they express are timeless; we can relate to them still.

When music speaks to a true condition of humanity, or a common principle that all people can relate to, the only criteria remaining is the quality of the piece. Modern compositions that are well written stand as much chance of becoming timeless works of art as those written hundreds of years ago.

Touching Pain – Music That Motivates

When the heart is aching or broken it motivates our bodies toward embrace. A gentle touch in our darkest moments is often more powerful than the most encouraging words.

Music has the ability to effectively touch us at an even deeper level. The embrace is a catalyst to initiate the first wave toward reaching that inner need whereas the right sound or picture can immediately penetrate to our heart of hearts.

The effect depends upon what lies untouched beneath our conscious minds and exterior shell. If we’ve been protecting ourselves from a painful thought, memory or experience, certain songs can open a well spring of emotions.

Growing Up – Music That Inspires

When we become incapable of learning or unwilling to accept the continuous need for change, we stop living. Simply put life doesn’t stand still and it is self deception to imagine at any point we can run to the sidelines for a breather.

Here music plays the role of the great motivator. Inspiration is limitless where music is concerned; in heaven the angels are singing continuously.

Regardless of whether the message is something we already know or a completely new concept, using music to drive home a point accomplishes the same role discussed above. By touching our deepest emotions we move from head knowledge, to heart knowledge and hopefully take action.

Rejoicing Continuously – Music Of Pure Joy

Experience tells us that even when we don’t feel like rejoicing, we still have reason to do so. Counting our blessings in song brings balance and order to life. The entire cycle can be perceived and we realize that life includes the mountain top as well as the valley experiences.

Songs of rejoicing don’t necessarily have to be toe tapping, hand clapping or happy sounding. Anything that redirects our gaze toward God, His attributes or His character will effectively realign our inner being so that the light of Glory fills us with joy.

While grieving, growing and rejoicing are all part of living they needn’t be exclusive to a period of time or cycle of life. Whenever two or more people gather together they bring several specific examples of each cycle which means music that encourages, inspires and expresses pure joy is appropriate.

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