A recent article I read asserts that an alarming amount of drugs for humans are winding up in the environment, in this case fish in the St. Lawrence river.

Anti-depressants found in fish


"...leading scientists to wonder if the "happy hormone" is altering the lifestyle of the chronically grumpy-looking marine animals."


It's amazing the impact as humans we have on the world we live in. Previously there have been new campaigns trying to persuade people not to flush them down the toilet (Don't Flush old or unusd medications). Proper disposal is bringing the meds to Hazard Waste Disposal site, like for batteries, use paint, used engine oil, etc.


As much as cities try their best to remove chemical in the sewage system, evidently some are more difficult to remove than others. However, even if everyone disposed of the meds correctly, it seems a large portion is just the meds making its ways naturally into our bodies and out again! I'll leave the gory details to your imagination. Anti-depressants are harder to filter out than other meds:


"The chemical structure of antidepressants makes them extremely difficult to remove from sewage, even with the most sophisticated systems available," Sauve said."


In the grand scheme of things, these drugs haven't been around a very long time, and it's use is so pervasive. I ant-depressants were really only around since the 50's. When we look back in 100 or 200 years, what will the long term effects of these drugs on human healthy, societies, the environment, etc?


This one article had me racking my brain about so many things:

  • Are there happy and grumpy fish? (It seems that they measure the net effect based on observing mating)
  • What is our long term effect on this planet? What is my eco foot print. What is my legacy?
  • According to stats, the "happy" drug use is equivalent to 1 in 4 taking 1 pill a day! WOW.
  • Are there more sad people now than ever? What is the role of Church and Christianity here... 
 Luckily most residue is in the brain and liver, while human consumption is mostly muscle tissue. However I'm hoping that my next watery steak isn't from the St. Lawrence... but I'm sure the issue is not just isolated to Quebec.


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