I have just started worship leading in a new church, I am overwhelmed and confused and needs lots of advise and have lots of questions from starting the service to ending the service to trying make peace with people who do not want to blend the service just all kinds of stuff.  So can I please get some help!  Thank you!

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Comment by Joe Aiken on February 19, 2014 at 7:37am
Hi Lisa,
There are lots of discussions in the forum section some of which you may find interesting and helpful so I'd suggest scanning through the titles to see if anyone else has been discussing things that will help you.

A lot of what help/advice you need depends on the kind of Church you are at, for example,

Is the Church background more traditional (Hymns) or more contemporary?

For me starting a service is often with 2 to 3 upbeat followed with 1 to 2 mid paced then 1 to 2 more reflective songs. This first set is shaped to flow together without big gaps in between the songs to lead people through the temple courts and into closer connection with Jesus. There will usually be a reflective set of songs after the talk which moves into prayer ministry time allowing people time to respond to the message that has been given. To end the service it is often an upbeat song (like Nothing Is Impossible by Planetshakers) or perhaps a song that encourages us to think about God beyond the service (maybe Lord Reign in me by Brenton brown or we must go by Tim Hughes)

Just a note for future use of the site, you have posted this as a blog rather than a forum discussion so you may not get as much feedback as with a discussion post, sorry if I my previous comment/suggestion was confusing.

All the best, j
Comment by Lisa Reyes-smith on February 19, 2014 at 2:11pm

I did go to the blogs so maybe i can get more help.  But you were very helpful.  Thanks


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