How Familiarity Kills Worship


“What will take you to the top will sustain you at the top”, it’s a statement that I was taught when I was growing in the Lord. Funny enough I have been in place where I have gotten to the top and ditched this principle and the results where catastrophic in my life and the shame they brought its crazy.


As worshipper and Christians we are slowly loosing reverence and honour to the things which are so important in life. Worship is one elements of the life of a Christian which can be destroyed by familiarity 


What familiarity will do:

  • Altar or stage

The way you see it as either a stage or it’s an altar, if it’s a stage then you perform and if it is the altar then its holy ground and the way you conduct yourself there will determine your worship. I have been standing here since I was 6yrs old, I know how to do this, that’s familiarity, what if, God wants to break out in a different way unlike never before used to doing this and it has become an oh! that ground. 


  • Playing instruments

It’s so easy to fall in a place where we increase skill and ability or become used to playing the same songs over and over that we can play them eyes closed. One thing I know is that the spirit is always moving and when we grow complacent we no longer recognize the move of the spirit. May the spirit of God take control of your instrument and through you may he play that which brings glory to his Majesty.


When we grow used to playing it loses value, the problem isn’t the instruments it’s one’s attitude towards worship that will change everything around


  • Your pastor

I remember watching a clip and the interviewer said I am sitting here with my Pastor Friend so and so, my heart sank. Our worship is killed when we look at the people appointed in our lives as common and as our playmates. Some worship leaders actually question the decisions of the pastor at all times, no matter how old or young, how inadequate he is. Grow up, if God wanted you to be the Pastor he would have ordained you but He ordained that pastor and us as worship leaders we need to learn to honour and submit to these seats regardless.


  • Done it before

We have done enough worship services; we sing these sings every Wednesday and Sunday. You started ministering when you were young, you have seen it all. With time because we have done it all we lose focus of God and we hang onto an idea of God and an idea of his power.  Familiarity is a small killer bit by bit killer but its results are very detrimental to life. 


Familiarity sticks to the old ways of doing things and is not looking to change because it’s stuck in the things of the old. Familiarity slowly kills worship as we slowly get familiar with God’s things our worship die. One thing I know for sure is “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter”.  (Pro 25:2) The things of the spirit are reserved for those who are hungry and for those who search out for them.


May we never allow our hearts to walk into familiarity, just like a spring of water which has water flowing, it always clean and working and the day the water stops flowing it’s become green, full of weeds and with a filthy stench.


 May your live be the clean flowing spring and may we never allow familiarity to settle in us.


"Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness"


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Comment by Charles Wolff on February 20, 2014 at 6:26pm

Kelvin -

I'm confused by your first paragraph - it seems to say that when you have ditched the principle of "what gets you to the top keeps you at the top," it has been a disaster.  To me, that says that that principle is a good one, but that doesn't fit the rest of what you've written...Have some disagreements with some of your other points, particularly the "Your Pastor" section.  Yes, the pastor should have the final say, but if the pastor is not open to suggestions, insists on having his/her own way all the time... that's a worship-killer, too...


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