You know the Old Testament was cool but we don’t live there anymore we now live under the dispensation of grace, someone said as I talked about holiness and worship. You know Jesus died for our sins and what we are today is by his grace and I realized this kind of teaching has come with the same gospel of universal salvation.


If you don’t know what that Is the gospel of universal salvation says everyone shall be saved at the end of the world including the devil himself will be saved because of God’s inifte grace. In their eyes holiness, sanctity, offering is of the Old Testament.


How Holiness has lost in place in worship is because we have allowed some form of teaching which isn’t of God to fill and flood our lives and our families. Doctrines from within our churches but I don’t blame the church we should blame ourselves because we don’t know the word of God and what it says about who we are.  

May we be like the Bereans who studied the word to weigh and understand Paul’s messages further.  “Ye shall therefore be holy, for I am holy”, Leviticus 11:45. Simple that what the word says we should be Holy as he is Holy it’s not asking or begging us its telling us what God says we should do. If we study the bible God is holy and for us to connect with that Holiness we need to be the same nature, we have to live our lives in such a place as well.


2 Chronicles 20:21, Psalms 29:2 tells us that we should “Worship Him in holy array”. Array according to the Thesaurus it means arrangement, army, clothing, order, vow, festal garment or linen. So the bible says we should be Worship the Lord in Holy clothing or garment, in a holy manner, we should worship the Lord in from a place of holiness.


God speaks that we should wear the armour of God at all times in Ephesians 6 even intercessors have their own garments of prayer which are the clothing of a High Priest. Worshippers as we are reading in Psalms we learn that we should worship God in Holy Array.


“And the LORD said unto Moses, Go unto the people, and sanctify them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their clothes”, Exodus 19:10. Sanctify means to cleanse, purify or make holy. God tells Moses lets these people walk I a place of purity, holiness and cleanliness of life but also make sure that they wash their clothes. God here is not just talking or a look of holiness but a life of holiness.


Worshippers should wear a holy garment, stand in Holy order or holy arrangement as in an army arrangement as in an army regiment. Worshippers should live our lives in a state and a place of holiness be arrayed in a manner that brings acceptable worship.


Let us be clothed spiritually with holy garments everywhere we are because worship is a daily experience, a lifestyle and holiness should be a part of our lives that we may be able to approach this amazing God. May we not allow the things of the earth take away our understanding of the word and who God is?


May we be Holy as He is Holy


Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness




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