I don't usually get into blogging but I just have to testify and tell what God is doing in our family.
I have 2 praise reports that just happened this week.....

First praise report:
My oldest daughter has had recurring bladder infections over the years and one started to go into her kidney (that's actually how we found out about them). She was on antibiotics for a year. The doctor thought she'd found the problem and thought the issue was resolved. But at a recent doctor's visit they discovered she had another infection. So this doctor (different from the first) ordered testing to view her bladder and kidney. He reported that they'd found an abnormality in the top of her left kidney and wanted to do further testing. He said he thought we might be able to avoid surgery. I thought "of course we will because I know a greater Physician = my GOD!"

I sent a prayer request to everyone I knew. Our church gathered around and prayed for her. I felt something happen that night and just knew we were going to have a praise report once the testing was done. We just went back to the doctor for the results and he said they did not find anything wrong. Everything was normal. God healed her!

Second praise report:
We've been having trouble obtaining a birth certificate and SSN for my middle daughter because she was born at home. No matter what documents we presented, they always said either they wouldn't accept it or it wasn't enough. We had nothing more to present to them. She needs these documents to be able to obtain a driver's license, get a job, open a bank account, etc.

Finally, we sent a prayer request around to everyone we knew asking them to join us in praying. Then we contacted our Congressman and asked him for help. As I continued praying often and daily, God spoke to me and said "Speak to this mountain". So, that's what I began to do. Daily I would tell that mountain it had to move and I asked others to help pray in the same manner. I am beyond excited to report that mountain has moved! God moved that mountain out of the way! We received the letter Thursday saying her card will be here within a couple weeks. PRAISE GOD!

We're called to the foreign mission field. Besides her needing those documents for everyday life, that mountain stood in the way of us going to do the will of the Lord. So let me encourage you, if you have a mountain standing in your way. Speak to that mountain in faith believing EVERYDAY and it shall be removed! It may take some time. This mountain took several months to crumble (actually years). So don't give up! God will cause that mountain to move!

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