I don’t want to be “that guy”…

If you have yet to see the “Sunday’s Coming” video (not the classic message by Tony Campolo) you should check it out. [http://vimeo.com/11501569] The guys at North Point who made this video offer us a disturbingly funny critique of the modern Sunday morning service. As with all funny things its funny because its true and there in lay the disturbance for me.

As a guitar toting song writing worship leader I soooo don’t want to be “that guy”… In other words I don’t want to be like the worship leader in the video who would likely take a tour bus and record contract over a position in a church.

I need to make sure that I am called to that church ministry…

It used to be that a lot of guys would seek out a senior pastorate by first becoming a youth pastor. Then after a few years, having grown in age and wisdom, they would become the assistant pastor. Finally, once a few gray hairs had set in and a few more degrees were earned, they would reach the pinnacle of their career as the senior pastor. That sort of steppingstone mentality doesn’t say much for the value of youth ministry does it?

Pastoral positions in the church are holy offices sanctioned by God and they aught not to be assumed lightly. When we as worship leaders use our station in the church as a potential launching platform for bigger and better things we are using the Bride of Christ to get that which we really want. And as Derek Webb reminds us, “Money cannot buy a husbands jealous eye when you have knowlingly deceived his wife.”

Publishing and performance careers are great and I am very thankful for many of those guys! As well as I am for those who seek that career… There is always room for new songs. But if we are going to seek out a position in a church it would be wise and right of us to make sure we are indeed called to that ministry. There are a lot of guys using the church (and my own spirit continually wars with my flesh over this very issue) as a launching platform to bigger and better things…

I think it would serve every contemporary worship leader seeking a position in a church well to continually ask the question, “Am I a called to be a pastor or am I seeking to be a pseudo-rock star?”

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