If there ever were a year to remember...

It would be 2009. And now that it's on the way out;

My heart is aware and filled with gratitude for all the provision and support I have received throughout the past year. Many thanks go out to you, my family, friends, and fans for listening, caring and sharing yourself with me so graciously. We have achieved so very much with very little.

The economy has been trying us all and the news is often saddening. Our brothers and sisters, friends and family have had their struggles before our eyes every day, and we love on, and hope on. I am uplifted. Let's keep the faith in strength for this is gonna get good! Just think 2010 is near; What a ring it has!

I am extremely grateful because I met my goals this year.
I set out at the beginning of 2009 to complete three collections.
My three accomplishments this year are:

MARCH ON Released May 2009
(Thank you Emmanuel Sellassie for your collaboration.)
And FREE now being manufactured and set for release February 2010.
I desire to mention honorably Mr. Tom Landry.
Tom is a big blessing to me. Yes... he works for hire... and I'm on the line, but he always comes through and gives me his extra special something every time. He is one of my best friends and I love him to death! So thanks to God for bringing Tom Landry into my life and causing us to be joined in creativity! Make sure you check him out and consider him for your next project. He's a real gem! The real thing baby!!!

Also, I would like to thank Robert Berry for his regular two cents of great advice and of course his musicianship! I am one lucky girl to have such great talent surrounding me. Everyone who has participated in my creative en devours...I bow to you. It really means a lot to me your helping make my dreams come true!

Please shop iTunes for my whole collection.

Stay tuned more to come in 2010!
Merry Christmas!!

Miss Kristin

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