So many have asked about the weekend held over Labor Day at the Incubator campus just outside Eugene, Oregon. I thought I would post a link so you could see and take a listen to the seven artists in action. The link has rough cuts without edits, and an MP3 of the final cut. We're into 'hatching' good stuff and these artists stepped it up and birthed a song in a couple of days! Check 'em out: Paul Baker, Judy Deans, Lisa Gallant-Seal, Pami Guerra, Paul Hodgins, Tara Johnson and Shine Morrison. I'll post some of their comments about the weekend. It was so fabulous. We are blessed as a company to work with artists with such integrity! Have fun watching and listening.

Incubator TV

Tami Rowbotham
Vice President, A&R
Incubator Creative Group

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