I’m part of the music ministry in our local church for almost 3 years now and I've already had my ups and down on being part of the said ministry. I started as a naive trainee, then passed the assessment stage, started as a back-up singer, slowly doing solos, became a worship leader in the youth service and kids church, I’ve also been asked to step down, and started singing again in the youth prayer meeting, and even form a band.

I just realized on how bless I am considering at first I didn't even know that God gave me the gift in music. But more importantly, I started to realize that I am so ashamed with God by blessing me with much and yet I'm not so serious about having a walk with Him.

Being a worshiper requires much, as others would say, If you're life ain't changing then you are not really walking with Him (God). Being a worshiper and leading worship in front of a congregation is not by having a double standard life but by having a genuine walk with God. It's a huge responsibility and it's a huge calling. ‘Till I came to a point where I asked myself, am I worthy to be on that stage, singing and leading in front of a congregation? Am I doing the things that will please God more rather than satisfy my own wants? Am I eager to learn more and get more training to enhance the gift that God had given me? Moreover, Am I a worshiper or just a plain performer?

It breaks my heart seeing other people not striving to please God in terms of their craft and remain, should I say stagnant on their own capacity, those people who would rather remain in a certain level and not having a will to enhance it and be more excellent, knowing that we are serving an excellent God.

It breaks my heart, when people would rather choose to plainly perform in front of the people and not in front of God.

It breaks my heart seeing other people who would rather please their own selves rather than pleasing God.

And finally it breaks my heart seeing that these things had become a part of me.

I'm always being reminded of these things and I genuinely like it coz it always reminds me to be humble.
Moreover, I really love God, though I am not perfect, and yes I am still weak, but God's grace is so sufficient to make me realized that with Him, with His righteousness I am made perfect in His sight. It's like imperfectly perfect.

As I've said being a worshiper requires a huge responsibility, you are responsible with your own life, you are responsible with your co-team members, you are responsible with the congregation and more importantly you are ought to be responsible in the eyes of God.

Now being a worshiper is by having a personal relationship with God that you are so sensitive enough to hear Him and to feel that He's the one leading and not you.

Let me end this by saying, We worship God because we ought to worship Him, we worship God because life without Him would be meaningless and we worship God because He loved us first that cause us to fall more deeply in love with Him without even asking what is it for me? But rather what do you want me to do for you? And we worship God because after all it’s all about Him.

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Comment by Greg Moore on May 20, 2010 at 7:38pm
The conundrum we have with "pleasing ourselves" reminds me of Eric Liddell in "Chariots of Fire" (the track star who turned down the Prince of Wales' plea to run in the Olympics on Sunday). As I remember, he said: "When I am runnin', I feel God's pleasure flowing through me..."

If a musician does not experience pleasure, there is something wrong. Part of the pleasure must be his and should be his -- if it originates with God's pleasure. Jesus took "joy" - great joy - in His disciples, and He loved the beauty of the flowers His Father created beyond the weak imitations of God's type of beauty, such as a flowing silken robe worn by a Solomon.

Part of the beauty in Team-style worship leading comes in the sacrifice of Self that the players make to produce a living work of art together to offer to God. Perhaps this is the reason the term "Team" has become almost universal to describe the mini-choirs we use to lead worship today. We start off with unequal yokes and gradually learn to bear the burden together... and remember, Jesus' burden is NOT HEAVY. I didn't make that up. He said it.


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