Jibin Chacko: a few thoughts on Holy Spirit

Ohh what a day thinking about the Holy Spirit...

I have a great time with my mobile phone from my very young age. So just as a matter of fact I decided to combine it with spiritual life.
Take the first point.
The mobile itself is used to communicate and share information through the world. Where as so the Spirit does, it bring closer and more communicative with God Himself... It speak openly our heart desire and the things we are unable to tell..
The battery; is used to charge the life of the mobile phone, so as is it with Holy spirit, we need to get charged everyday and that is only possible through Bible. Reading it and understanding the deepest of it.
The range, it's important factor in the Mobile so while taking the same in spiritual, we need to have close range with God, we shouldn't go our of the presence of God. We should not let the world take over us.. We need to be close to God and maintain a close range and allow Him build a home near you.
The speakers; which is enabled to hear and listen to the thing that is in it and to communicate; so is it with the Spirit, we should sometime listen to what the Spirit says.. Many a times we are busy tell God our problem and suffers by not letting God to speak, we must welcome the Holy Spirit in our life and We must start to active the speaker, speaking in tongues.

A mobile required so more factor to make it useful and worth something. Then how much more valuable is the Holy Spirit. Someone needed to be aware of the fact and seek for Holy Spirit in their life. Only then the life is safe and secured in every steps of the this journey. Think on it..

The promise: And it will be in the last days, God says, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all ...

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