Jibin Chacko : about worship (youths today)

That's a great thing about worship in this era, especially in church...
It's true that some are called for His glory.. Looking back to the days when i personally experienced His Spirit on me, I felt nothing but I was certainly on my knees worshiping that continued for an hour... It's a awesome experience when you do encounter with the holy spirit. May be I be a witness that He lives in me.. From that moment of time, I decided that through the world may deny me.. May what ever happen in my life.. No matter what situation I'm been going through...
Lord it you Who send me Your Spirit as your promise and I'll follow you..

It has been years now... I'm changed, the way I worshipped changed. & I see in some Churches that worship is dead. Youth have turned against God. They are looking for a pleasure that this world offer them.. The spirit of this world draws them... Lust, addiction and many untold things have been happening among youths now a days... Mostly among colleges goer and school guys...
I pray often about the childhood I got... The way I went... The things I do...

Most of all... !! To be honest..." The CHURCH is DEAD". It's sad to say... But that's the truth..

Even I was dead until the day when His Spirit called me.. And made me new again..
But in fact I must say there are some youths who truly seek the Kingdom of God. May God use you more man !

In short I want to inform my youth friends... "The way you love, the way you run behind a thing, today, as a worldly man. It's for a short time. In fact we have to remember that we weren't made to go through these bad stuff. Instead We were Born To Worship the Holy One. Life is a good journey if you take it and surrender yourself to Christ. Seek and ask God to send His Spirit upon you... Most of all, ask for FORGIVENESS. Our God is Awesome, He will surely FORGIVE you & let His Spirit upon you, it's then the day when your life changes forever...

My prayers are with you as you went through this blog. May God Bless you..

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