....Life can get so hectic. People can get so caught up in going to school and going to work and whatever they have to do each day that they forget why they wake up each morning. God didn't put the breath in our body just for us to waste it on foolish things that will eventually fade away. Nothing here on earth will go with us when we die. So why are we more focused on the things that are tangible than the things that really matter? Yes, we have to work in order to eat. The Bible teaches that. But that's not what we're here for. The question is are we trying to reach souls while we work? Are we being an example of Christ on our work sites? When we go to school each day are we showing people there that we have something they don't? Or are we letting them have more of an impression on us? We don't need to be ashamed of what we are. When people go to church with us we don't need to be afraid to praise God like we're supposed to. We raise our hands we shout we clap our hands, we dance, we leap for joy, we speak with other tongues, and they need to know it. There's no need to hide it! Mabey our friends just need a little help to be able to let go and worship God by seeing us doing it without fear of being seen before they can to.
And why do we go to church? Yes, it's the right thing to do but that doesn't need to be the only reason why. It doesn't need to be to please the preacher or someone else. It doesn't need to be because it's expected of you or you're just used to it, or because you want see someone you like! I had to tell myself that, that is not the reason why I should be going to church when there was someone I was really, deeply interested in! I needed to be going because I want to be closer to God! When you're getting ready for a service what are you thinking? Are you wondering how you can fix your hair that day so that one boy can notice you? Or are you wondering how you can fix your hair so you can please God? Are you excited about going to church so you can learn more of God's Word and praise Him or so you can see your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are we going to church because we have a genuine love for Him? Because we want to enter into HIS house just like we would any other friend and dwell in His presence. So let us enter His house with thanksgiving and with praise! Come into the presance of God in an atitude of worship when you arrive. Already thanking Him for all that He's done for you, for everything He is doing, and praising Him, Loving Him.Worshipping God for what He's going to do, and you will get more from the Lord, more from the service. You will be able to draw closer to God!
There are souls out there that need us. We are the true light to them. Let's not hide it. Let it shine for the world to see! There are so many people that pass us by each day. How hard is it to speak to them? Is it that hard to give them a prayer card? Or are we just lazy? Maybe it's a lack of a burden. If we were worth someone inviting us to church then other people are defintely worth it. We need enough of God's love to care for that person's soul. We need God's eyes to show us things we've never realized before. We need God's heart to have compassion upon these souls and a burden to save them. When was the last time you couldn't go to sleep because you were so burdened with lost souls? When was the last time you stayed up crying because you felt compassion for these people? There are people out there that are going to broken homes. People that have to deal with abuse from their parents. People that don't go a night without crying. Souls that are so blinded by the darkness that they don't realize that there is hope. We are around so many people. What if that one person that was always to himself at work went home one day and shot himself. And what if you never talked to him? The very thing that he may have needed was you. He needed you to show him God's love. He needed to know someone cared. He needed to know there was hope. But did you reach him? You never know what people are going through. And we're going to be judged by what we've done. We can be the only chance for people to come to the truth and what if we don't do our part? Those people's blood is on our hands. What are we going to do about it?
Where did I get this? I don't remember. Some of it came from reading things somebody else wrote, and some of it came from my own ideas. I didn't come up with everything here, I do have some pretty inciteful and smart friends who say things that I feel to, but just havent put into words, or didn't think of at all, (like fixing up my hair?) (obiously not me!) Altho there was a time, back when I was pretty young, that my hair was long enough to make a pony-tail! Not. Any. More! Well, Anyway I didn't write all of it and I want to thank you if you did say some of these things, But some of this I did come up with all by myself, So thanks if you had anything to do with any of these remarks or ideas! Don't forget people, the Bible was written by God, And I have no idea how many people actually wrote down the words.

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