Just "Miracles" - Even "little" ones - Share them here.

When the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion, we were as those who dreamed
And our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with singing.
Then they said amoung the nations: The Lord has done great things for them!"

Psalm 126

I hope that we might lighten one another's burdens, with good news of encouraging miracles experienced.

Like the other day when I lost my keys!

We were on the beach at Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Here is a pic I took around the corner, on another beach around the same time of evening. This will give you a feel for the lighting conditions in which we tried in vain to search and because it shows off our part of the world so beautifully.

In the darkness I began to run around with my children like a headless chicken. I knew I had been foolish to trust that cheap key holder. I had only clipped them to my belt, once we were qute a distance from the car, well onto the sea sand. Mistake no 2 was that I had bought the clip from the cheap "R5" chinese store! (You will be amazed that they can even make stuff at that price. I am talking less than a dollar here!) As I ran in the semi darkness, my eyes glued to the sand, I dreaded the scolding of my wife. (I know you don't have wives like that! Right?) Her anxiety was mounting. I could feel it with every split second that past, because it was becoming darker by the minute. She would soon catch up to me and begin to scold. Worse still, she would be right! Again! (LOL) This could now spoil a perfect evening.(Now, if you have not lived in a country where the world is less safe after dark, you will not know exactly what the fuss is about.In fact, if you are me, there is no problem! If you are a man, there likely is no problem! But then my wife is not a man. I ran more feverishly, up and down, in a feverish and hopeless attempt to find the impossible.

Suddenly I stopped. I looked up. "Lord", I said. You know my wife. This is useless. Only you can find these keys. Please help me. I need a miracle! I began my slow walk back to the car, just to give the Lord some more time to have mercy on me, before I had to face my dear wife, keyless!

Standing beside my car, was a miracle. A young boy and girl in their twenites, on holiday in Cape Town. They had tried every car for a match. And so they patiently waited for the owner of our Honda! We loved them and thanked them and above all we thanked the Lord, for we knew, and they confirmed, that they found the keys in the sand and this was nothing short of a "little" miracle!

Now you tell one, or at least let me know you enjoyed hearing mine, and I might even return to tell you how God once fed me Pizza for Free!

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Comment by Worship The Rock on March 12, 2009 at 1:40pm
Love the sunset - great story too!


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