Well I just wanted to put down a few word about God’s sovereignty when it comes to trusting His plan for our lives. In the recent past (just two months ago) I was (very) unexpectedly let go from my position as the worship leader at our church. Although admittedly it did hurt a bit, (both my pride and my feelings) God had walked me through a real maturing process in trusting Him just the year prior while seeking His will in relocating and taking another ministry position.

Just over a year ago while trying to discern His (exact) will for my life, truly wanting to be in God’s “perfect” will, I went through a great deal of angst and just wallowed in worry and cried out to God day after day after day being literally fearful that I would make a wrong move or take the wrong path and be out of His will.

Several, several times during this period of pouring my heart out to God He literally just spoke to me and said things like (this one particular time) “it is enough for you to know that I am God and that I have all things under control”. You might think that actually hearing God speak those works would be enough for … well…. anybody! Nope! Not for me.

Yes, I can hear many of you saying …”well,… Der!” But truth was, I knew in my heart what vision God had placed there about what He had called me to do, go and be, and things just weren’t happening like I thought they would, and when I thought they had to. In the natural world here, I was up against some hard deadlines and I just KNEW that God’s plans had to come to fruition before those deadlines.

But don’t you know that God has a way of making us wait. Those deadlines that are so absolute in our lives/minds aren’t so absolute when it comes to the Almighty. Why does He make us wait? Well, standing here today having walked through the answer to that question, well… the answer’s easy. It wasn’t then, but now I see it clearly. God wants our trust… our FAITH. He wants to know… will we trust Him absolutely even when things seem impossible?

I walked (and crawled some) that road before moving here to Florida and taking the ministry position I held. So in loosing that position suddenly and without explanation, I was able to see it as an open door and actually be excited about it. The Pastor (who said he didn’t want me to go, but was out voted) told me that he was amazed at my faith, because he seemed to be more upset about my being let go than I did.

In reality, I had learned by that point, that if I was being let go from my position, no matter who voted what, or why they did so,.. God was still in charge. He still had the final say. If that was what was happening, then I could trust that the end result would be to my benefit.

It’s like the scripture verse in Luke 11:11 which says “11"Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? 12Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? 13If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your Father in heaven…”

We can truly have this assurance, that God loves us and has our best interest at heart even when we can’t see it. God owns the whole earth (1Cor 10:26) and lacks nothing to meet any and every need in our lives. His love for us is genuine, absolute and beyond our ability to comprehend.

I am convinced that HIS plans for my life are far better than anything I can imagine or plan in my own strategy, but they can never come to be as long as I am actively in pursuit of my own plans for my life.

The sad reality for most is that they never come to see this truth and therefore miss out on SO much that God had in store for them. God will never force Himself on anyone. The only way to ever receive all that God has planned for you is to let go of life, drop the reigns, surrender control and just take life one moment at a time and listen for that still small voice.

The real epiphany I came to about following God’s will however is this: If I truly desire for God’s will to be done in my life (and there’s NO fooling God on this), and I am truly willing to go wherever He sends me and do whatever He calls me to do, then I really don’t have to fear missing His will because He IS sovereign and able to put me on the path I need to be on and KEEP me there.

I honestly believe that too often we are SO focused on the destination that we are blind to the journey. God has a great deal in store for us every step of the way. If we are not taking life not just one day at a time, but probably more like one moment at a time, then we are not really surrendered to God’s will. The only real reason to be focused beyond this moment is to be in control of what happens by our planning for that which lies ahead.

Does not the scripture say to (Luke 12:22) “take NO thought for your life”? O I can hear you say, “but what about my car payment?, what about my mortgage?, what about_____?, what about______?” Fill in the blanks. But either scripture is true or it is not.

There is a level of faith there that I too have yet to walk in. But I am aware of it. I can see it. And truth be told?.... I want it. I pray… God grant me the ability to let go of the things of this world and the ideology of this world to the point where I can walk in that kind of faith.

All that said, God has brought us to a new church where I am still filling the same role as before, but I have been given more. Although something was taken from me, I was given more in its place. Yes, I still miss the people from the other church. There are many from the church I came from that I really came to love, and I miss them. But they are not gone, and one day I will walk the streets of glory with them.

But for now, I place my trust in God and in the path He has me on and in His ability to keep me on it. I know He is working and moving in my life and using me to make a difference in the lives of others.

O if I could impart anything to fellow believers, it would be…


I promise His plans are better than yours. Plus His foresight and resources are unlimited… yours aren’t.

God Bless


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