41. Words have more power than atom bombs.
42. What is the content of your heart? o through trials and difficulties, and you will see.
43. Give people a second and third chance.
44. Invest your riches for eternity.
45. The first step in communication is to see as other person sees.
46. Problems are opportunities for a better future.
47. Be enthusiastic.
48. Be content with small means.
49. Think quietly, study hard and talk gently.
50. Don't gamble.

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Comment by a j mithra on May 25, 2009 at 6:44am
As the sun goes higher
and the day turns hotter,
the Manna would melt...
So, it should be collected
before sunrise,
else, d Israelites
have to starve....
We all know that
Manna is THE WORD...
If BIBLE was Manna,
how many times
it would've melted
before we had collected
and how many times
we would've starved?
Have you ever thought
about it?

Have a blessed day!
Your's in YESHUA,

a j mithra

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