I have been wanting to say something about this topic for a while but waiting to write this. From a place of knowing that i am saved by grace,and HIS mercy,totaly undeserved but JESUS was obedient to the father even unto death.
I have been strugling listening to messages preached,where we are continually reminded that we are sinners,now after 20 years being saved and some even longer, i have been sensing that the world knows this and we as christians know this ,and that the emphasis should be we are victorious ,more than conquerers because of the blood of JESUS,it almost feels like a dampener,when a great message is preached, then we are reminded again about how bad we are,it nearly seems the HOLY SPIRIT is saying tell my people that they need to know who they are in me that i am about ready to COME and reign in POWER,AND VICTORY, i feel we are being reminded some times that the sin that HE does not remember anymore that was paid for ''as far as the EAST is from the WEST HE remembers this no more ,religion and a spirit of religion,keeps us remided how usless we are and that is why the CHURCH is so timid,no power and every Sunday we need to go up and be prayed for ,for something that was prayed for 2 weeks ago,dont we need to arise,and be ready to speak in power and confidence about our GOD,ARE WE LIVING VICTORIOUS LIVES, or are we not sure about the power of the CROSS and the blood that was shed,are we living in unbelief ,and hopefuly not decieved in these last days, by doctrines ,seducing spirits,and'' worshiping GOD with a form of godliness but denying the power'' what is really happening i believe is THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD IS MOVING THROUGH OUT the earth in this hour ,and to see if HE will still find FAITH when HE returns,Brothers and sisters dont lose heart no matter what happens,the TRYING of our faith will come ,those even close to you will try to persuade you ,that this is a joke,like the devil said to EVE did god say you must not eat of this tree,STAY CLOSE IN PRAYER IN THIS HOUR ,AND LISTEN TO HIS VOICE ;He is speaking,WE are victorius we are THE HEAD and not the tail,we have been justified by faith ,we have been made righteous beacuse of GODS SON,TO THE GLORY OF THE FATHER'',HE WILL RECEIVE HIS BRIDE'' YOU AND I-IF YOU ABIDE IN ME I WILL ABIDE IN YOU-BLESSINGS LUIS-fWE CRY FREEDOM - FREEDOM - IN THE HEARTS OF YOUR CHILDREN RELEASING THEM TO DANCE BEFORE YOU LORD,TO BE LIKE CHILDREN IN YOUR PRESENCE-YOU ARE THE RESTORER OF THE BROKEN HEARTED,YOU HAVE DELIVERED US FROM OUR SHAME-THANKYOU IN JESUS NAME,FATHER.

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