It is so great seeing 50-100 salvations in our church per weekend and we are growing to fast for the building to keep up.

Sadly so many people being born again into the family of Christ, live like orphans in God's home.

To use a comparison, being born again is like entering the outer courts of the old temples. You are saved and have the grace of God, but you do not explore what God has in store for you. You dont get the big picture of this kingdom family. You still live as an orphan not asking the Father even though He said ask whatsoever and has given all things to us. (John 16:23-24 and 1Tim6:17)

Stepping up in the kingdom is like entering the inner courts of the temple. You realize that you are part of the family, but yet not pressing in deeper, and havent taken your rightful position in the house.

Now you might be well fed (Spiritually and all physical needs met) and not alone. You've seen God do wonders in your life, but the point I'm bringing across is that an orphan is not a person without parents. An orphan can live in a house with both parents present and still be an orphan. An orphan is a person not knowing the love and personal relationship between himself and the father.

We live in this inner and outer court being part of this kingdom family, but we never push into the Most Holy place. That place where we can just sit down with God and feel the love of our Father and have a true relationship with Him.

The good news is when Jesus died on the cross the vail torn (Matt26:51), that room could not contain the presence anymore and it filled this earth. People just dont press into that presence. See christianity is not about the laws, following the 10 commandments and how we live, That is a man turning christianity into a religion.

Christianity is about the relationship between the Father and us. We are not orphans, we are sons of God (Gal4:7)

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