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Recently it was heavily laid on my heart to begin an Alternative Worship Service, run by a new Alternative Worship Team. Now, my church has always tried to be in tune with the leading edge of what Spirit is doing "now", so the Service was an easy sell...But also being a smallish church with a real strain on the small Worship Community, finding "band members" was going to be a real challenge.

Working up song lists, I'm finding useful music by all sorts of bands not generally used in church services...Kutless, Third Day, Lifehouse, Switchfoot, Evanescence, Finger Eleven and more...But the real trick is going to be finding members (particularly bass, drums and electric guitar) who are up to the task of properly converying Alternative CCM in a once-a-month Friday evening service. These are the positions we currently lack for this genre of music, and I've been released to recruit from outside our church to find them.

Sure, I'll make some cool fliers and post them at all the local music stores, and ask if there are any local churches we'd want to post something at, but I'm unsure where these members are going to come from...This is challenging, because I'm really wanting to start having practices in January and start the Sevices on the last Friday of February, if possible.

I know this is an international site, and I'm not aware of anyone within an hour's drive (or a couple hours' drive), but if you know of anyone close enough to Peoria, Illinois, who is interested in and capable of playing drums, bass or electric guitar in the Alternative CCM genre, please let me know, and/or have them contact me.

This is going to be a major movement in our area, and as a church we're already planning for it to expand to at least twice a month as it grows. I know the Bible tells us there will not be a Calling without provision, so I am waiting on the Lord (while actively pursuing His provision) in this matter.

As a side note; this will be the first time I've been technically a Worship Leader, and I know there will likely be some testing in that, so as you remember this Service and Team in your prayers, please throw one extra one up for myself, as a new leader.

Be blessed!


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Comment by Stephanie Lawrence on December 31, 2008 at 12:43am
We are doing something similar at our church, only we are doing it through the youth nights. Every second wednesday of the month is youth worship night and I too am looking for cutting edge music. I was able to pull from the main worship group for the most part, but I had to look outside our group for a lead guitarist. But, like you, I am very excited to see where God will take this ministry. We begin our practices next week. Let me know if you come across any really cool music so I can add it to my play list:)
Comment by Michael Blue on December 31, 2008 at 3:35pm
Cool! I've been looking at lot at Kutless lately. Tell you what, here's the list I have so far...

Audioslave – Be Yourself, Brandon Heath – Give Me Your Eyes, Brandon Heath – Our God Reigns, The Bravery – Believe (Unsure, Secular), Caedman’s Call – Before There Was Time, Casting Crowns – If We Are the Body, Casting Crowns – Set Me Free, Collective Soul – Shine, Dc Talk – Consume Me, Dc Talk – What Have We Become, Evanescence – Bring Me Back To Life, Falling Up – Hotel Aquarium, Jars of Clay – Flood, Jars of Clay – Let That Be Enough, Jars of Clay – Liquid, Jars of Clay – Love Song for Savior, Jars of Clay – Truce, Jars of Clay – Worlds Apart, Kings X – It’s Love, Kutless – All Alone, Kutless – All of the Words, Kutless – In Me, Kutless – Let You In, Kutless – Pride, Kutless – Sea of Faces, Kutless – Strong Tower, Kutless – Tonight, Kutless – Troubled Heart, Kutless – Winds of Change, Lifehouse – First Time, Lifehouse – Whatever It Takes, Lifehouse – Spin, Merchant Band – Wonderful Savior, MercyMe – Spoken For, Michael W. Smith – I Believe in You Now, Newsboys – He Reigns, Russ Taff – I Still Believe, Sixpence None the Richer – Breathe Your Name, Skillet – Angels Fall Down, Sonicflood – A Heart Like Yours, Switchfoot – 24, Switchfoot – Dare You to Move, Switchfoot – Love Is a Movement, Switchfoot – Meant To Live, Switchfoot – This Is Your Life, Third Day – Tunnel, David Crowder Band – O Praise Him, Desperation Band – Rescue

You should be able to find any that you're not familiar with on YouTube, if not, let me know.
Love your work! May God Bless your Ministry mightily!


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