They say that heartfelt worship you will find is in jail or in a hospital because the focus of such people is totally God alone. These are the places where people are hungry and are really looking for God. Sometimes we don’t have that sense of abandonment that they have when they worship because of their earnestness miracles do follow them because of their abandonment that is what opens the miraculous over their heads.


In Acts 16 we meet Paul and Silas and I have written quite a few articles about them but this time it spoke something deep within me. At midnight they were singing praise, their focus wasn’t the jail, their wounds, their ill treatment, the stocks, the fetters, the darkness or anything but their focus was to praise God in everything. Their focus was God and lifting him up and they were so loud that other prisoners heard them. Most times when we are in such places we have a exit strategy planned for God, this is the way I think God will do it, he did it so for a friend of mine.


God showed up in a miraculous manner, the way I know Paul and Silas weren’t thinking or had planned or thought in their heads. The focus of their worship wasn’t the miracle it was the God of the miracle. “When we worship God with our focus on Him we create room for Him to do the unimaginable things in life”.



 The worship that comes from our lives should be so loud and plain that man can say that the fruit of his lips, works surely he is a child of God and he is blessed. Can man say such of your life? No condemnation.


In 1 Chronicles 20:21 we meet Israel faced with a several kings and being set for battle. They set worshippers in the front line of the battle and their focus was to “praise the beauty of holiness”. The focus wasn’t the battle but they set their hearts to look and lift up God and bless the Beauty of Holiness.


God showed up in the battlefield and fought for Israel, by the time Israel got to the battle ground the enemy was already dead, all they had to do was pick up war spoils. Their focus was to praise God He showed up and did a miracle for them.


So many times we expect God to show up in our lives in a certain manner and he doesn’t do it that way, he shocks us by doing something extraordinary. If you want the miraculous in your life then let God be God, let your focus be God when you worship and believe that He will show up to do His will


What your focus? Because level of your focus will draw the miraculous from within God, you choose where you want to stand. The miraculous or the usual same old same old.


The miraculous kicks in when the focus of your worship isn’t the challenges that brought you into his presence but your total focus and energy and even telling your challenges that I Worship a big God. I have realized it’s the focus and heart attitude.


Worship that says even if things get worse or bad I will still worship him with 100% focus such worship provokes God to do the miraculous. I desire that our worship bring answers to those who need them, healings to those who need them and so many things.


Our worship should pull down the miraculous over our lives and people around us


Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness.





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