Someone sent a message to my profile on Facebook about a picture of them smoking a cigar. I remembered a cigar story of my own. For me, it was a little miracle, so I decided to share it!

"I kept my last cigar for some time, because it was so unusual. It would not smoke! (I believe the condition occurs, when it is too tightly wrapped by the maker.) God made sure I got one of these. I still did not give up trying to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a smoke, until the day that I was sitting in the middle of nowhere. My wife had left and so had the servant. Even the dog was lost, never to be found again! I sat in the darkness, outside the kitchen, on the veranda. Being farm land all around my smallholding, there was nothing but stars everywhere!! It was very beautiful and I was trying to have a good time with myself, my cup of coffee and and a cigarette. Of course, as a Christian, I though of all those that had told me smoking was not for Christians, and my occasional smoke was quite clandestine. So I decided to pop God a question: "So God, now that we are far away from all the Christians, what do you think about smoking, really?" The still small voice replied. "It is a poor substitute for praise!." I praise God, that from that day on, I have never wanted to smoke again! Not that I begrudge those who do! As long, of course, as you do not blow it in our faces, In which case I might slip a prayer to deliver your future smokes tightly wrapped, to help you keep your friends! Actually, I rather enjoy the smell, cause my Granmpa had one every Sunday after lunch!"

Since that day, I have prayed for my mother and mother in law, regarding smoking. I simply asked God to do for them what nobody, not even they could do for themselves. They seemed like impossible cases, yet they both stopped overnight. My mother in law, who had smoked over 90 cigarettes a day for over 50 years, suddenly got a sore throat and stopped without any withdrawal symptoms. God still does small and great miracles. Ask and you will receive! Seek and you will find! Knock and the door will be opened to you!

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Comment by Pastor George D. Van Wyk on May 30, 2013 at 10:44am

Hi there Gerald.. love the "spirit " and rythm of your song.. but may I add... i hear you express a longing to walk and live... we really lack so many songs declaring the arrival of man in the presence of God.. Now I can WALK with you... more focus on what Christ already accomplished for us.. I think that is why FRIEND of GOD inspired the church so much... Please meditate on this 'cause I believe there is a new wave of Fresh Songs Inspired By Christ Perfect Work that is about to hit the planet..


Bless you man.. Keep on singing and I will follow your music..




Comment by Gerald Sharp on May 30, 2013 at 1:53pm

Thank you. Pastor George. I appreciate the encouragement and that you take the time to respond. Thank you so much. I guess at different times in our walk we write out of what is in our heart at the time and the preaching we are subjected to and many other factors. I was in a ministry in the 80's which was very about the finished work and Ordinary Men Embraced by Raven Rain, was an album where my writing was influenced a lot by those sorts of thoughts. My latest song, is here on Sound Cloud and reflects where my head is now.

Worth watching both part 1 and 2. I was stunned when I realized the relevance of Yahweh to Yahshua, Yahweh saves. The church has forgotten the name of God, so I am glad that his name is starting to appear in some music. I know we sing a great song about Yahweh at Die Bron where I attend Gary Kieswetters's church. May the Lord bless you in your ministry, and may the finished work of Christ be revealed and powerfully preached across our land. Thanks again, Gerald

Am learning even more about the true name of God from this man:


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