The other day, it came to me that one resolution really captures what the Lord has been showing me about myself. And if I can keep that one thing in mind this year, many other things I could resolve to do better will fall into place on their own.

Play more.

If I play more, I will play with my kids more.
Taking time to not miss the moments available to me, to enjoy them while they are still young, which is so fleeting. Not allowing my to-do list to keep me saying "Not right now, I don't have time."

If I play more, I will play the piano more.
More time spent mastering new styles, and just spent in song-conversations with my Father. This will also lead to the writing of new songs, and being a better disciple, worship leader etc.

If I play more, I will play other instruments more.
Playing for fun, mastering my newest Celtic instruments, making time to jam with friends.

If I just plain play more I will be a more balanced person, and make better choices.
Being a type A, first born, over achiever, I can get into the mode of always needing to accomplish something. I need to slow down, laugh more, and give a chance for those stress knots to untie themselves.

So that is my one resolution for this year: to play more.
What is yours?

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