Nepal was the only Hindu country in the world, but a few months ago Nepal became a secular country. I was born in a Hindu family. In the Hindu religion there are lots of gods and goddesses. Temples are built as our tradition in honor these gods. The country is also called the country of temples. Therefore, as a tradition people go to the temples to pay respect to the gods and I used to be one of the many devotees.

When I was young (about 15 years old), my father died. He was an alcoholic and smoked a lot. And also he was paralyzed in one leg and one hand did not work. My mother was from a remote village and couldn't read or write. After my father's death, the responsibility fell upon my mother. I had small brother and younger sister. We were poor and became poorer. It was difficult for us to live, but my mother worked hard to raise us. After graduating from high school, I got scholarship to go to the government college, where I attended and also did a part time job to help my mother make both ends meet.

I was still a Hindu. But unanswered questions always bothered me. "Why are we suffering from poverty? Why doesn't God help my family?"

Time was running in its own pace and I thought, there probably should be one god but according to Hindu religion, there are too many gods. I was confused as to which god is big and whom should I worship first.

I had heard the name of Jesus Christ but I was against Him. I didn't know anything about Him but I had known that he was a god introduced by foreigners and Jesus Christ is foreign god. I thought Nepal is a Hindu country and people should not accept Christ as God. But I was seeking the true God in my own way and I tried a lot.

I was a good football (READ: SOCCER) player. My ambition was to be a football star. I used to go to play football at Saint Xavier's school. There were some Christian friends of mine with whom I played. In 1989, there was an interchurch football tournament and I went as a spectator when my Christian friends played in that match. The next day my Christian friend took me to his church. I took it lightly and went with him just to see even though I was against Christian religion. But the melodious Christian songs and different environment of Christianity attracted me. I soon made some friends. Next week I went to church again but still I didn't know anything about Jesus Christ. Who is He? Why did He come to the world? Who sent Him? And also I didn't know what salvation, eternal life and forgiveness of sin meant. But some Christian elders came to me and they told me the gospel from the Bible. In this way, I learned about salvation, eternal life, and forgiveness of sin and assurance of salvation in Christ. Everybody is a sinner. There is no one righteous, not even one (Roman 3:10). The Lord has sent His begotten son Jesus Christ for my sin and to redeem me from all my sins. When I turned back and looked at my past life and thought about all the sins I had committed, I knew I was a sinner living in darkness. I now had the answer to my question. But I didn't quite know how to accept Jesus Christ. In 1990, my Christian friends taught me to confess all my sins from my mouth and accept Jesus Christ as my savior and ask Him to come in my life. In this way, I found the one true God in my life. But there was huge problem for me. At that time to become a Christian was very risky because of the Hindu society. So I was afraid. I could not tell my mother. Every Saturday I used to go to church and when my mother asked where I was going. I always lied. I told her that I was visiting a friend. God had started his work in my life. My life was not the same anymore. I was changing. I used to drink and play cards. But after accepting Jesus Christ things needed to be changed. It was hard for me to quit my bad habits but gradually I could overcome them and my family saw the changes in me. Prior to that, I used to drink and return home late and my mother usually scolded me. But after this my mother never saw those habits in me. In this way I could be witness to my family and society.
I was a bad guy but God made me good in Him. I was not worthy but in 1994, He chose me as a worship singer and also made me a youth leader for His glory. I knew that God had a special plan for my life. So I decided that God fulfill His plan in my life and committed my whole life for His glory.

Currently, I am volunteering as a worship and youth leader in my Church and working as a Christian Arts Association Nepal.

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Comment by Worship The Rock on March 27, 2009 at 3:02pm
Thanks for sharing this anjan.


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