I was surprise by the feed back by those who saw me share my songs. I mean there are people here who can do circles around me , younger, hip etc..and yet they kept telling me, "your very different" I can feel what your singing, its real, its personal, and I can relate to it" (Not bad for an old folk singer, but I also know it's the Lords Spirit that was working in and through me.)
It just hit me. 20 years ago this month, my first album "In the Quiet Moments" came out. I still shake my head to think how a simple recording would launch me off into full time traveling. Of course sadly the
time frame from 1989-1994 were rocky,being very immature, later rebellious, being a prodigal son for a year and a half with one foot in the world, the other on the Word. (by the way, you can't do both so as the Word says, "Chose this day in whom you'll serve")
And Yet I'm humbled by the mercy and grace of the Lord. That in spite of the first 5 years, the Lord still had my album playing on the radio (even though I didnt really do any personal appearance during the 1992-93 time).
But with the help of Pastor Doug Snow, Pastor John Conrad and Jason Ritchie in the late spring of 1994, the Lord got me back on track and before I knew it back on the road full time, this time not looking back but going forward.
And boy what a journey it has been.
20 years later, I sit here in down town Nashville,TN every musicians dream, to play in. Yet this time, I find myself seeking to be in the shadows, then the spot light. had this happen to me 20 years ago, I would have blown it or become to big to fit in the door because of thank the Lord that in His time,after learning to be a servant and not a ham up singer..when this door open up..I took it prayerfully.
Thank you Lord for the last 20 years of serving you..Lord willing, may the next 20 years be better then the last. I love you Lord!!!

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