New Alternative Worship Team / Service (First service date confirmed!)

Hi all!

As many of you know, I'm finally stepping out an putting together my own team. Of course, I had to reinvent the whole thing as I always do, so we're introducing a whole new Alternative Worship Service at our church, the first service has been confirmed for May 29, 2009.

Essentially these are going to be something of a combination of a "worship concert" and some pretty serious ministry time. The music will be loud enough that visitors can worship freely without fear of the people around them and the lights will be dim enough that the same can fell free to lift their hands and voices and dance if they feel led. There will be short video clips, possibly some brief "think about it" statements from the pulpit (no "message") and time for prophetic and other ministry to take place - while the music plays.

We have myself leading from the keys, 2 leaders from other teams on acoustic-electric and backing vocals (will actually lead some songs), an amazing female vocalist (we're actually going to attempt Flyleaf and Evanescence songs!!), another female vocalist, drummer, bass player, electric guitarist and part-time backing keyboardist. HUGE team, but it opens up lots of possibilities. I actually want to add another percussionist when we get the chance. The only thing we'll really have to be careful of due to size is making sure everyone doesn't feel the need to play every note on every song. I do feel for our sound guy though..Mixing this many members (and this many guitarists) is going to be a challenge.

We're going to occasionally have guest artists join us as well, which will be challenging and fun all at the same time!

I'm 36, and though I've been involved in the worship community forever, and have even been in a co-leading position on individual services in the past; I've never "led" a team before. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time, I can be a bit socially awkward (probably should have been a Youth pastor, lol!) and have little experience managing people I "know".

Be praying for me/us, as we step out into something almost completely new for us as a body, and if anyone's anywhere near Central IL May 29th @ 7pm, come join us!!

Be blessed!



- Edit - This has been pushed back to Friday, June 26th 7pm.

We're calling it the "ALTARed Worship" Service featuring "A Terrible Company".

I covet your prayers!!!!


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