I am excited to share with you the news about a brand new awesome album. It is called "New Day Dawning" by Joey Stontz. I know you can download it from a number of places on the web but check it out on I- Tunes. If you love David Crowder, Leeland, Delirious, Paul Bolache and perhaps even U2 then you will love this. The song called "Love or Prostitution" is really deep and all about the song writer's devotion and longing to choose God above all else. I want to motivate people who loves soaking(laying still and listen) to download the following songs: "What is on Your heart", "Love or Prostitution" and "Great Romance" and then play it load while laying down somewhere or driving alone in your car.


The song "King of the Ages" and "Worthy is the Lamb" are powerful songs and awesome for praise and worship. They are more anthems than songs. Check out www.joeystontz.com and get the chords and lyrics for all songs.


Have an awesome "New Day Dawning" experience



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