New Easter Song - "Let us kneel at Calvary"

This is a brilliant new Easter song written by a friend of mine, Sam Hargreaves that traces the journey from cross to resurrection, unpacking some of the theological meaning along the way. You can download the lyrics, chords, piano score and mp3 all for free here on I think it's great, let me know what you think! :)

Here are the lyrics:


Let us kneel at Calvary,
wonder at this mystery,
with the words 'Father forgive',
Jesus dies that we might live.
He was stripped so we might dress
in his robe of righteousness.
Bore the burden of our sin,
as the nails pierced his skin.


We will kneel in adoration at our King's sacrifice,
see the scandal and the glory as his death brings us life.
All our hope and our salvation are in his sacrifice, at the cross.


At the hill they call the skull,
he was crushed; we are made whole.
Jesus drank our bitter cup,
pouring out his precious blood.
God forsaken all alone,
Jesus made our shame his own.
Suffered hell on earth to save
those who drove him to the grave.

We will kneel...


He cried out, then breathed no more,
as the temple curtain tore,
made the new and living way
back to God for us that day.
Why seek Christ among the dead?
He is living as he said!
He was raised at God's command,
in the life of Christ we stand.


We will stand in celebration for our King is alive,
see the joy and restoration as we share his new life
We are free, no condemnation for our King is alive
yes he lives, Jesus lives. Yes he lives, Jesus lives!

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Comment by John Green / Recent Rainfall on March 25, 2010 at 1:25am
Excellent lyrics. Now I need to go download it so I can listen...


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