As I was thinking about "tips for singers", I thought back on "Directions for Singers" written by John Wesley for a Hymnal published in 1761. He was providing direction for how people ought to sings those "newfangled hymns"...a 1760's version of contemporary worship tunes...
I read through his work, thought about how we might express his thoughts today and came up with these seven "tips for Christian singers" Let me know what you think about here for more...

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Comment by Danielle Kendrick on March 13, 2011 at 8:54pm

I read this via a link through Spirit 92.9's opening act, and this is what made me decide that I really wanted to try to connect with you. I found you here, and was excited to see that you had posted this blog here as well... I had tried looking for it this morning just for the sake of re-reading it, but wasn't sure where the link was that I had originally found.


Anyway-- thank you for your help in encouraging those of us who are making music for God to continue to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him!


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