I wonder when Jesus will return, I hear of a Rapture, I hear about the Last Days, I hear about wars and the threat of Nuclear War, I hear about an Antichrist that will come pretending to be God in flesh.
I am awaiting the hour My Redeemer calls my name, when I look up to see the glory of God and Jesus looking down at me, I will know that He is here at last, that my earthly life is finished and my eternal life will be His reward for my coming to Him when He called.

I was born a sinner, I lived a sinful life, I asked Jesus to lift me up because I had
fallen. I saw the light and I accepted Jesus to be my Lord, my Redeemer and my Savior. Jesus forgave all my sin as He said He would do, He leads me through the dangers, the thorns and the dark valleys. Jesus broke the bounds of sin and divided the darkness as He led me into the light, I now walk freely and follow Him through His word each and every day that I live.

Jesus is not far out in some distant yonder, He is right there where you are. All you need do is to ask Him to save your soul, tell Him all about the wrongs that you know you have done and ask Him to come and dwell within your heart & soul. Believe that He is who He said He is, that He came here and lived, suffered, spilled His blood, † died, was buried and arose from the dead to pay ransom for all your sins.

You can read all about Him within the pages of The Holy Bible, a good place to start reading is the book of John.
If there are any clouds of doubt what-so-ever lingering or harassing you, Just call upon Jesus asking Him to remove all the doubts and things that hinder you, ask Him to give you the love He spoke about.

Living the Christian life is the most wonderful experience you will ever have while you are here on this earth, there is no way you can know what a Christian is really like until you sincerely trust Jesus and ask Him to come live within you.
Salvation is secure and free, all you need do is ask Yeshua (Jesus) about it.

≡►You have the choice to accept Jesus or go down smoking, which will it be?

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