There was an old man walking on a road, approaching
him was a young man. The young man said,"I hope that
you don't stop in that town which I just came from. The
people are mean and haughty. You won't like it there." The
old man said I just came from the town up the road ten
miles. The young man said, "How will I find those people?"
The old man thought for a few moments and replied;
"Probably you will find those folks mean and haughty also."
This old saying has a lot of truth in it. What we expect,
we will probably find, in people conditions.
When we come into a church for the first time, how
we are greeted and treated, will reflect upon us for a long
time. There is an old saying, "you only have one chance to
make a first impression." As children of our Lord, we have an
obligation to show everyone who enters the building, the kind
of impression which will make them want to return to visit again.
We are standing on the starting line of a great revival.
We hope that through our prayer and fasting, to have many folks come
to love our church as we do. Our job, is to instill upon them the love of
Jesus. To make them feel at home, and desire to call our church their
home church.

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